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If you are looking for a foundation repair expert in Little Rock, Jonesboro, or surrounding areas in Arkansas, Airlift Concrete Experts is here to serve you. We offer several foundation repair solutions to set right all kinds of structural damage including wall cracks, settlement, and more. We repair all types of foundations such as poured concrete foundations, concrete slabs, brick foundations, and more.

Common Foundation Problems

Have you noticed drywall cracks or uneven floors in your Arkansas home? If these issues and others are present, your building may be in danger of foundation failure. A failing foundation can manifest itself through misaligned trim, bowed walls, and doors that won't close properly.

Foundation Repair So;utions ArkansasMany homeowners will mend cracks, replace doors, and try to cover up unevenness in their home. Revamping the cosmetics of your home won't solve the underlying issues of a failing foundation. So, what can be done?

Problems like tilting chimneys, spaces around windows, leaning or bowing walls, cracks in basement walls, or any of the issues listed above are essentially structural issues that need to be solved by foundation repair. With a strong and healthy foundation, your home will remain structurally sound. A weak foundation causes countless problems and rapidly decreases the value of your home.

Your foundation will most likely become weak over time due to soil issues. Heavily wet soil will create hydraulic pressure against your foundation, and dehydrated soil will form cracks and voids. Fluctuating soil creates a fluctuating foundation.

As a homeowner, you can protect your foundation by keeping your soil at a consistent moisture level. Make sure that your gutters and downspouts are properly maintained to ensure that water won't pool up around your home when it rains. During dryer seasons, water your soil so that it doesn't become dry and cracked.

Many homes have a basement, so that is where foundation problems may be most easily discovered. Airlift Concrete Experts offers a variety of basement repair solutions. We will inspect the foundation and determine the cause of the problem and the best method to repair it.

If you are looking to reverse structural damage that has already occurred in your home, you need professional foundation repair solutions. Foundation repair is not a do-it-yourself job, and the tools and equipment needed cannot be found at your local hardware store. In order to get the job done right and receive the benefits of long-lasting results, hire Airlift Concrete Experts.

Foundation Repair Solutions in Arkansas

Airlift Concrete Experts uses professional methods to raise and stabilize foundations back to normal, giving you a strong and healthy home for years to come. Some of our solutions include carbon fiber repair and concrete leveling. These methods will permanently stabilize your foundation. We have a professional team of licensed and experienced contractors to perform foundation repair in Little Rock, AR and surrounding areas.


To learn more about foundation repair in Arkansas, contact Airlift Concrete Experts. We can inspect your home to determine which repair solution will work best for your needs and budget. You may be surprised at how much foundation repair will cost. Give us a call today!

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