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Airlift Concrete Experts sees common concrete problems every day. These problems occur across our service area and as home and business owners are symptoms you should be aware of and watching for. Our polyurethane concrete repair and leveling team can keep you from having to repair damaged concrete and we provide free consultations when you observe common concrete problems. Here is what to watch for:

1. Concrete cracks: cracks in the concrete around your home or business tend to start at the surface but can quickly make their way through your concrete driveway or sidewalk. This is also a common problem for municipalities and businesses in roads and parking lots. Concrete shrinkage and expansion due to weather or water content in concrete can also cause cracks.

2. Voids beneath concrete: Voids can be there when you don’t even know it. We can use GPR (ground penetrating radar) to see voids beneath concrete. If you see concrete sinking or settling there may be a void present.

3. Buckling concrete: large tree roots can grow under concrete and cause the concrete slab to buckle or split. Freezing and thawing can also cause this problem.

4. Concrete slab settlement: Voids aren’t the only cause of concrete settlement. Changes in weather and water levels in the soil beneath driveways and sidewalks can also cause issue. Too much water can expand the soil and move concrete above it. Soil can also shrink when drought conditions are present, causing the concrete above it to sink and settle.

5. Slab cracks: Slab cracks can be caused by curing issues after concrete is poured, settlement due to soil conditions and voids, tree roots, and more.

Airlift Concrete has Solutions for Concrete Problems

Our team will diagnose your concrete cracks and settlement and provide a quote for the best solution for your concrete. Our team works on residential, commercial and municipal concrete problems. We provide technical consultations for polyurethane solutions as well to other contractors and businesses as we are an expert in GPR and concrete leveling with polyurethane in Arkansas. To learn more call us today. To better understand polyurethane concrete leveling watch the video below!